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Australia Green Brussel Sprout 250g
Bird of Paradise Siam Super Rice 5kg
Red Onion (Australia) 500g
Butternut Pumpkin (Australia)
Genting Garden Salad Royale 2pcs
Bird of Paradise Siam Rice 1kg
Genting Garden Four Season Mix Salad 125g
Genting Garden Cherry Honey Tomato 275g
Baby Spinach (Australia) 100g
Gourmet Chef beef salami 150g
Genting Garden Kale (Malaysia) 80g
Massimo 100% Whole Wheat Loaf Bread 420g
White Radish (Lobak Putih)
Hong Kong Sawi (Choy Sam) 200g
Lushious Tomato Value Pack (Malaysia) 600g

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