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Massimo Wheat Germ Sandwich Loaf Bread 600g
Massimo Wheat Germ Sandwich Loaf Bread 400g
Gardenia Wholemeal Bread 400g
Massimo 100% Whole Wheat Loaf Bread 420g
Baby Bun 10pcs/pack
Massimo White Sandwich Loaf Bread 400g
Plain Butter Roll 5pcs/pack
Massimo Fine Wholemeal Loaf 400g
Sugar Ring Doughnut
Sugar Ring Doughnut
From RM 2.50
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Gardenia Delicia Butterscotch Bread 360g
Burger Bun 5pcs/pack
Mission Wholegrain Wraps 360g
Ciabatta 1 pc
Ciabatta 1 pc
RM 5.90
Raisin Scone 3pcs/pack
Country Oven Multiseed Bread 1unit
Gardenia Delicia Coklat Cream Bun 50g
Mission Original Wraps 360g
English Muffin 3pcs/pack
8 Grain Bread 320g
Wholemeal Burger Bun 5pcs/pack
Hot Dog Bun 5pcs/pack
Raisin Loaf 1unit
Mission 6 Grains Wraps 360g
Rye Bread 1 pc
French Village Bread 1 pc
Cheese Loaf 1unit
Sesame Baguette 1 pc
Alpine Grain Bread 1unit
Blueberries Muffin 1 pc
Premium Marble Cake 1unit
Premium Butter Cake 1 pc
Massimo White Sandwich Loaf Bread 600g
Massimo Duetto Strawberry Cream Roll Bun 50g
Gardenia Roll-Up Wraps Classic 1pack
Artisan Baguette 1unit
Massimo Chiffon In a Cup Classic 35g
Brioche 1unit
Brioche 1unit
RM 13.90
Butter Loaf 1unit
Wholemeal English Muffin 3pcs
Healthy Dark Seed Bread 1 pc
Mission Onion and Chives Wraps 360g

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