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Gardenia Wholemeal Bread 400g
English Muffin 1pack
Kart’s Mini Red Bean Pau 250g
Japanese Curry Chicken Bun 1unit
High Protein Flour 1kg
Green Tea Red Bean Bun 1unit
Pampas Shortcrust Pastry 1kg
Fai Fong Lotus Paste Mooncake 180g
Samudra Mini Red Bean Buns 170g
Hong Kong MX Lava Cheese Mooncake 1box
Black Sesame Grissini Stick 80g
Ego Almond Cake 350g
Fai Fong Durian Lotus Paste Mooncake 180g
Blanched Whole Hazelnut 125g
Panealba Croutons Tomato and Basil 100g

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