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Aqina Chicken Chop 500g
Aqina Chicken Whole Leg ABF 700g
Spring Chicken 1kg
Aqina Chicken Ribs 500g
Chicken Chop
RM 16.14
Aqina Farm Skinless Boneless Breast ABF 500g
KS Lacto Organic Chicken Chop 500g
Whole Chicken with Head and Feet
KS Lacto Organic Whole Leg 500g
Aqina Chilled Chicken Drumstick 4pcs/pack
Aqina Frozen Whole Chicken Leg 1pack
Gourmessa Turkey Sandwich Square 100g
Aqina Pineapple Chicken 1unit
KS Lacto Organic Drummet 500g
Black chicken 1unit
KS Lacto Organic Fillet 500g
Aqina Farm Chicken Chop 1pack
Aqina Chicken Keel 500g
Lacto Plus III Chicken Chop 400g+/-
Gourmessa Chicken Sandwich Square 100g
DQ Organic Clean Chicken
KS Lacto Organic Mid Joint Wing 500g
Old Chicken 1unit
Chicken Wing
RM 11.10
Lacto Plus III Whole Leg 450g+/-
Lacto Plus III Wings 400g+/-
Save 9%
Aqina Chilled Chicken Wings (ABF) 4pcs/pack 400g
Aqina Chilled Chicken Whole Leg 2pcs/pack
Kampung Chicken (Free-Range Chicken) 1kg

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